Review a lesson or step

  1. You can review a completed lesson or step anytime. Just open your course to the Path. Or, if you're already in a step, click the "X" to return to the Path. 
  2. Click or tap the lesson to expand and show all the steps. Select the step you wish to review. 

Review a completed course

  1. When you first log in, you'll see all your "In-progress" courses under your Learn tab. To review a course that you previously completed, click on "In-Progress" and change the filter to "Completed."
  2. Now you'll be viewing all completed courses and you can open and review any course. To switch back, just select "In-progress" again. 

Retrieve a certificate 

Need to download a certificate of completion from a completed course? If your course provides a certificate of completion, you can access your certificate for as long as you have access to the course. Open the course from under your "Completed" courses list and then click or tap the button that says "Share Achievement," at the very top of the course Path. Select "View Certificate" to download and save or print. 

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