What is Blueprint?

Blueprint is a unique way to access Ligonier Connect courses and offer them privately to the members of your family, church, Bible study, homeschool co-op, or other group. 

Your Blueprint account includes a private website with a unique URL and you can select any courses from the Ligonier Connect Library and offer them to your members on your site. 

You will have admin access to the account and you can select courses to teach, invite people, and adapt and schedule classes. You and your staff can moderate your courses and track your members' progress.

Learn more about creating your own Blueprint school

With one monthly subscription for the account, you can offer multiple private groups within unlimited courses and invite anyone to join for free. 

There are three pricing tiers to start with: 

  • $29/mo for 10 to 50 users ($29 + $5 per user over 10)
  • $129/mo for 51 to 150 users ($129 + $4 per user over 50)
  • $299/mo for 151 or more users ($299 + $3 per user over 150)

You can sign up here: https://connect.ligonier.org/school-licensing/signup/#. You'll be able to upgrade or downgrade your tier anytime by contacting connect@ligonier.org.

I'd like to take a course with a group. Should I sign up for a Blueprint account, or just use the Group feature at Ligonier Connect? 

You're welcome to sign up for a personal subscription at Ligonier Connect and use it to stream videos with your group. It's $9/mo or $90/year for a personal subscription. 

If you want your members to engage together online, you can purchase seats in a private offering of a course by clicking the "Create Group" button on any course description page. You will be automatically set as the group moderator, so you can view progress and moderate discussions once your members join and start participating. 

Prices vary from course to course based on length, so see the course listings here in our Library to check prices. Be sure to include seats for yourself and each member of your group when you set it up. 

If you'll be offering these courses regularly on a larger scale, then you may want to consider creating your own Blueprint school. With one monthly subscription for the account, you can offer multiple private groups in unlimited courses and invite anyone to join for free. You can even create your own custom curriculum.

Plans start at just $29/mo for the first 10 users. That's $2.90/mo or less per person for unlimited courses.

Questions? Start a chat or email us at connect@ligonier.org. 

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