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[Blueprint users] Remove a member or staff person from a course or from your account
[Blueprint users] Remove a member or staff person from a course or from your account
Revoke access for a member who has dropped a course or is no longer an active member in your community.
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Remove a learner from a course

To remove a learner from a course, go to "View Learners." Use the "Remove from group" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a learner's name) to remove a particular learner. 

Remove a staff member from a course

To remove a moderator or teacher from a course, select the profile picture for the individual at the top of the course Path. It will open up and you'll see a drop down menu in the upper right corner. Select "remove from group" and the moderator or teacher no longer be listed in the course. If the individual has staff access to your account, he or she will still be able to open and edit the course. 

Restore a user to a course

Once an individual is removed, he cannot be restored or re-enrolled in that group in any role. Contact support if you need help restoring or re-enrolling an individual who has been removed from a group. 

Contact us at and let us know which member needs to be restored to which course and in what role. 

Remove a member or staff person from your Blueprint account

To completely remove any member's access to your school, go to the Dashboard and open "Manage members." Find the member, and click on the settings icon next to his name. Revoke access by clicking "Remove access." You can restore access by clicking "Give access."

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