Why do the same work over and over? Now you can instantly duplicate steps or even entire lessons with just two clicks.

Here's how to use instant copy + paste:

  1. Open the course Path that you'd like to copy from and switch to "Edit" mode.

  2. Tap the copy icon to the right of the Lesson or Step you'd like to copy.

  3. Now, locate where you'd like to paste the content. If you copied a Lesson, you'll see a highlighted "paste" icon to the right of the "Add another lesson" area. If you copied a step, you'll see the paste icon to the right of the "Add a step..." option. 

  4. Once you know where you want to paste, just tap the paste icon. Voilá! You've just copy + pasted ✨.

Pro tip: you can easily copy + paste between different courses by opening two browser tabs at once and copying and pasting between them.

Here are a few ideas for using copy + paste

  • Build a multi-lesson course more quickly by copy+pasting the first lesson as a starter template for all the other lessons. (This is especially helpful if you happen to be building or editing a course on your phone.)

  • Remix lessons and steps from other courses to make a customized course path for a particular group of learners.

  • Create a "template course" that includes examples of the flow and formatting you use for your lessons and steps across all courses. Then start new courses more quickly (and more consistently) by copy+pasting from your template.

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