Who should take Ligonier Connect courses?

Ligonier Connect courses are designed for individuals, missionaries, homeschoolers, small groups, adult or teenage Sunday school classes, church officers, leaders or teachers – anyone who desires to learn the deeper things of God.

What are the system requirements to access Ligonier Connect?

Ligonier Connect is designed to work well on most computers and mobile devices. Supported browsers include recent versions of Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Other browsers (e.g. Opera, Internet Explorer) are not supported and may not function well. To check which browser you are using or download an alternate browser, this site is helpful: whatbrowser.org.

Can I use my phone to take courses? Do you have an app? 

Yes, you can take Ligonier Connect courses through any modern web browser, including those on mobile phones. Just log in at LigonierConnect.com

In order to provide you with the most effective ways to study, we have focused our efforts on developing the Ligonier Connect web app, and we no longer support the mobile apps that were previously available.

To access your courses quickly from your mobile device, we recommend you add the Ligonier Connect web app to your mobile device's home screen.

How are the courses scheduled?

There is no particular time or order in which you must complete or register for a course. You can enroll in any course at any time, and each course is go-at-your-own-pace. There are no due dates for watching the lectures or completing the assignments unless otherwise noted. Subscribers have access to their courses as long as their subscriptions remain active.

How long does it take to complete a course?

The courses differ in length (from 4 to 24 lessons) and are go-at-your-own-pace, so it varies. Each lesson contains a 20-35 minute video lecture and various accompanying study tools. We suggest 30 to 45 minutes for each lesson if you are studying individually. If you are studying with a group, we suggest allowing more time.

You can preview any course Path by going to the "Preview" tab before enrolling. Often, the lessons will have time estimates included. 

Do I have to buy any additional material?

You are not required to purchase any books or supplemental material. Some courses may have optional materials listed, but none of them are required.

Are there assignments?

Yes. To help with retention and understanding, each course contains various assignments which may include quizzes, discussion questions, Bible reading, life application or thinking in depth assignments. These tasks are meant for edification more than academic achievement, so they do not require rigorous study, nor are they graded. You do not need to answer every discussion question and you may be given the choice to skip assignments altogether. 

Can I do any of the work offline?

You may download the audio of each lecture for offline listening. However, watching videos, answering discussion questions, taking quizzes, etc. requires an internet connection.

How do I download the audio of the lecture?

There is an MP3 audio file attached below each video lecture in nearly every course. It will look much like an email attachment. Click the title to download to your device. 

Where do I find the study guide?

Our newer courses have study guide material built directly into the course, while some of our older courses still have a downloadable study guide. The study guide is typically located in the first step of the course or directly underneath the first lecture video. It will look much like an email attachment. Click the title to download to your device.

Are subtitles available? 

Yes, you can turn on captions for many courses and we're gradually adding them to all courses. If your course has captioned videos, you can turn them on in the lower right corner of the video. Full transcripts are not available at this time. 

Once I’ve completed a step, can I go back and review the content again?

Yes. Subscribers receive unlimited access to all previous work for as long as the subscription remains active. Here's how to review completed work and download a certificate. 

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