How to get started

  1. To create a group class, look for the “Take with your own Group” option under any Ligonier Connect course and select the “Create Group” button. 
  2. You’ll be asked first to sign-in or create an account.
  3. Next, type in a group name that your members will recognize (they’ll see this group name in addition to the course name when they register). The group name is required.
  4. Finally, pre-purchase seats in the group study for any non-subscribers (including yourself if you are not a subscriber). 
  • Free group access for subscribers: If you’re already a Ligonier Connect subscriber, you can create a group at no additional charge. Any other Ligonier Connect subscribers may also join your group at no cost. Just click “Create Group” to begin.
  • Pre-purchase group access for non-subscribers: If you’re not a subscriber or would like to invite someone who doesn’t have a Ligonier Connect subscription, you can pre-purchase access for 5 or more people. To pre-purchase access, drag the slider to indicate the number of non-subscribing members you’d like to include. You’ll see your total purchase price displayed to the right. Once you’re ready to activate your group, enter your credit card information and hit the “Create Group” button. You’re ready to get started!

Here are those steps again (video loops). 

Where to find your group course 

Once you create a group, you’ll see a Teach tab as well as a Learn tab on your Home screen. Your Teach tab includes any courses that you’ve created to take with a group. As the group creator, you will have moderator access, which means you can view progress for all group members and moderate the discussions. You can also take the course as a learner by switching to "Learn" mode inside the course. You'll find the "Learn/Teach" toggle button on the left side of the course Path. 

📈Note: your progress is only tracked when you use Learn mode. 

Inviting your group members 

Switch to "Teach" mode to send invitations. Tap on the “Invite” button at the top just below the word “Path.” From the Invite screen, enter your members' email addresses. Optionally add a message, and then send the invites. 

Or, click "Get shareable link" and copy the invitation link to your clipboard. Paste the link into an email or any other type of message and send it to the people you wish to invite. 

When the person you invited clicks on the link, they’ll be prompted to login or create an account, and after signing in, they will be enrolled.

You can also use the "Invite staff" button to invite additional moderators. This means they will have the same access as you, the group creator, to monitor other members' progress and moderate the discussions. 

What if I don't buy enough seats up front? 

If you need to invite additional non-subscribers and you did not pre-purchase enough seats up front, there are two things you can do. 

  1. Send the invitation anyway. The person you invited will be prompted to pay the per-seat price for their own seat in the group. 
  2. Contact support and ask to have the extra seats charged to your account (we can only charge your account if you are a current subscriber). 

I have received an email invitation to join a group class. How do I join?

Select the link in the email or message that was sent to you. If you are new to Ligonier Connect, you will need to set up an account with your email address, name, and password. If you already have an account, just sign in. You’ll be enrolled in the class and the person who invited you will be able to see you there. You can find and resume any course by visiting your Home screen and looking under the Learn tab.

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