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[Blueprint users] Help your learners log in
[Blueprint users] Help your learners log in
Learn how to troubleshoot your learners' most common questions.
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How to help with sign-in questions

If someone you’ve invited to your group has trouble signing in, this most often indicates that they’ve forgotten their password. They can get a new password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link on the sign in page and entering the email address they signed up with.

If the email address they enter into the reset password form isn’t recognized, that usually means they used a different email address or have not created an account yet. 

You can find the email address they used by going to your course Settings and then clicking “View learners." 

Click to email or right-click on the Email button to copy the email address they used to sign up.

If you find that they aren’t visible under the "View learners" screen, that indicates that they haven’t actually joined the group, in which case you’ll want to resend them the invitation link.

Reset a password for any user

Blueprint admins can send a reset link directly to any member. Select "Community" from the main menu. Find the learner who is having trouble accessing his account. Click the vertical ellipses to the right of the individual's name and you'll see the option to "Send password reset link."

If the email address indicated on the drop down menu is incorrect or contains a typo, contact and we can correct the address in our database. The address needs to be correct or the password reset will not be received. 

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