You can take Ligonier Connect courses through any modern web browser, including those on mobile phones. Just log in at

Ligonier Connect does not currently offer a native mobile app. We have focused our efforts on developing the Ligonier Connect web app in order to provide you with the most effective ways to study. As a result, we no longer support the native mobile apps that were previously available.

To access your courses quickly from your mobile device, we recommend you add the Ligonier Connect web app to your mobile device's home screen using the steps below.

For Apple Devices:

Safari Users

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open Safari and enter your Ligonier Connect account URL (e.g.,

  2. Now, tap the "Share" icon. This may be located at the bottom middle of your screen or in the upper right corner.

  3. On the share menu, scroll the list of gray icons and tap the "Add to Home Screen" button. An "Add to Home" screen will appear.

  4. On the "Add to Home" screen, just tap the "Add" link in the top right corner.

Chrome Users

Currently, Chrome for Apple devices does not support this function. We recommend the following article for creating a shortcut to Ligonier Connect:

Using the Shortcuts app, Apple users can link to anywhere in Ligonier Connect such as the homepage, library, or even a particular course.

For Android Devices:

  1. On your Android tablet or phone, launch Chrome and enter your Ligonier Connect account URL (e.g.,

  2. Now, tap the menu button and select "Add to homescreen."

You're all set! Now you have a new "app icon" on your homescreen to tap whenever you want to access your Ligonier Connect account.

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