1. To cancel your subscription, sign in and select "Your profile settings" on the menu in the upper right corner, or "Your settings" from your Home page.

  2. Then select “Manage Subscription.” You will be taken to the check out page.

  3. Select “Cancel Plan.”

  4. Confirm by selecting “Cancel Plan” again and your subscription will be canceled.

After you cancel, no further charges will be made to your card. You will retain access to all content through the end of your current billing period. At the end of the billing period, the Subscribe button will become available again and you will be able to resubscribe at any time.

Switching plans or resubscribing

You can resubscribe anytime with an existing account. If you still have time remaining on your current subscription cycle or trial, wait until your access ends, then resubscribe.

Need help? Send a chat message or email connect@ligonier.org. We can cancel your account for you if you are having difficulty.

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