How do I reset a step?
Learn how to reset any step, including quizzes, to retake.
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Most steps in your course will give you the opportunity to reset and retake. Here's how to reset your progress. 

Reset quizzes

As you take a practice quiz, you will need to submit a response for every short answer or essay answer question. Press "Submit Answer" on every question then select "Complete step" at the bottom of the screen in order to complete the assessment.  

If you are permitted to retake the quiz, there will be an option to "Reset" after you have submitted each question and completed the entire assessment. The reset button will appear below the "Complete step" button, which will now display the name of the next lesson.


Clicking "Reset" on a quiz will set each question as "not submitted," but will keep the last text you entered. You can now edit any question and click "Submit Answer." Once you submit all answers again, you can click the Complete button again to override your last attempt.

Note: if you navigate away from the page or refresh the page, your work will be lost and you will need to reenter all responses. 

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