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How do I take private notes?
How do I take private notes?
Learners can keep track of what they're learning without leaving the course.
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You can take personal notes within the course while you study and you can download these as a PDF or print them later if you wish. Only you can see your personal Notes. You can also view notes left for you by the course creator.

Reference notes from teachers

Course creators can leave notes for you on any step.

If a note is attached to a step, you’ll see a number next to the note icon in the top, right corner of that step. You can access notes by clicking that icon.

Add your own note

To add your own note to a step, tap on the notes icon and then click on this icon in the top right corner. 

Give your Note a title and then start taking notes in the text editor. Be sure to save your Notes before navigating away from the page or closing the Note panel. 

Tip: You can hide and show the notes sidebar by clicking off it and then back on. This can be useful if you’re referencing content as you write. Additionally, you can click on the “dock” icon to dock the notes panel below the step you’re on. 

This is especially useful for taking notes on a Watch step.

Save and print all your notes

On the path, you’ll also see the same notes icon at the top right. 

Open the notes using that icon and you’ll see all the notes available to you and that you’ve taken for the entire course on one screen.

You can even print the notes by using the print icon at the top (or save them as a digital PDF).

Only you can see your Notes.

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