While Ligonier Connect does not have a built-in video conferencing tool, group moderators can add a link to a third-party video conference in a group discussion question or send the link out via email to all group participants.

We recommend making sure your group members are set up on your video conferencing software of choice (such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype) prior to your scheduled start time. If sending a link via email, we recommend sending the email at least four hours prior to the meeting start time.

1. Under any step in a lesson, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Start a discussion." We recommend creating the discussion in either the first or last step of the lesson so that your group members can easily locate the link.

2. After clicking "Start a discussion," a “Question” field will appear where you can insert a title for your link (such as "Live Group Meeting").

3. In the field under "More Information," paste your video conferencing link.

4. Once you have successfully inserted the link, select whether you would like the discussion to appear as a discussion "prompt" or as a "question" directly from you as the moderator. For most groups, we recommend using the "question" option. This will cause the post to be set off from the built-in discussion questions and to appear as coming from you personally.

5. Once you have completed the above steps, click the "Post discussion" button.

The discussion with the link to your third-party video conference will now be visible to your group at the bottom of the step. Once group members open the discussion, they will be able to click the link and join your video conference.

In addition to posting the video conference link in a discussion question in your group, you can also email it to members for quick access.

1. In your course Path, be sure that you have selected the “Teach” view (this option will appear on the left side of your screen when you are signed in as a moderator).

2. In the “Teach” view, you will see a series of icons on the right side of your screen. Select the second icon (which looks like an envelope) to send a message to your group via email. A box will appear with a field to type a message.

3. Write a message to your group. Be sure to paste your video conferencing link somewhere in the message.

4. Once you have finished typing your message, click the “Send” button in the lower-right-hand corner of the box. Your email will now be sent to all of your group members.

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