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How do I customize a group study schedule?
How do I customize a group study schedule?
Learn how to add a schedule for your group so that learners complete lessons in a specific time frame.
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Learners are more likely to not only start but also complete an entire course when they have start and due dates assigned to the course and to the course content. These start and due dates help provide accountability.

Start dates are helpful if you want a course to start on a set date, release content a week at a time, or not allow access to a lesson before a certain date.

How to set dates in a course

  1. Open a study group to the Path and make sure you're in "Teach" mode.

  2. Select the "Schedule" icon on any Lesson or Step.

  3. Select your Start and/or End dates.

Once you've selected Start and/or End dates, you can optionally add reminders and customize them. Optionally lock content until the Start date is reached, or mark content as due if it should be marked late after the End date has passed.

If you set a due date on a step, your group will receive a reminder about that project three hours before it is due and another reminder if they are late. Accountability is often the key to completion.

Custom Reminders

You can optionally set up notifications to send to learners to remind them to complete the lesson or step on time.

  1. Select "Add a reminder" or open an existing reminder to edit it.

  2. Make any edits desired to your reminder.

  3. Add as many unique reminders as you'd like.

Remind - choose when to send the reminder.

Send as - choose the medium for sending the reminder.

Send to - you can send to all learners, learners who have not completed, or learners have completed. Lessons will be considered complete when all steps are completed.

Reminders will auto-fill with a default message. You can optionally overwrite the default subject line and body with your own custom text. Add curly brackets {{ to select from attributes that can auto-fill various data into your message, such as the user's name, step name, study group name, etc.

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