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How do I add a group discussion question?
How do I add a group discussion question?
Find out how to add new discussion questions to your group.
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Interaction is a vital component of an online course. Discussions keep learners engaged and help you assess their understanding of the topic at hand. You and your learners can ask a question on any learning step.

To post a discussion prompt:

  1. Select the “Post a discussion prompt” button near the bottom of the step while in Teach mode.

  2. Add a brief question and then add more details and instructions in the text editor under “More information.” Select the button "Post Discussion."

Discussion prompt versus personal question
Teachers and moderators will see the options to post a discussion prompt or a personal question (the “What would you like to discuss about this step” button). When teaching a course, you'll probably want to use the question option. Learners will see the question as coming from you personally and not just as part of the course content.

Edit or delete
Hover over any discussion or post and select the additional actions icon (...) for the options to edit or delete that discussion or individual message.

Discussion posts can be "upvoted" by learners using the up arrow (^). Each question will display a number of responses and number of upvotes.

Each post will show the number of upvotes and responses will be threaded.

Filter any discussion to see a certain type of post first. "Best" will show the most-upvoted responses first. "Active" will show posts with the most responses first.

If you are enrolled in the course as a teacher or moderator, you will automatically be notified when someone asks a new question or responds to a discussion prompt.

In some cases, members may want to subscribe to an individual discussion in order to get every response to that discussion, and not just direct responses to their own posts. To subscribe to a discussion, select the brown "Subscribe" button.

To unsubscribe and stop receiving all notifications, select the brown "Unsubscribe" button.

You can follow any notification straight to the original discussion by clicking on it. To unsubscribe, follow the notification to the discussion and then use the unsubscribe button to stop receiving further notifications.

Ask to respond
Are you working with multiple teachers and moderators in a single course or Group? Use the "Ask to respond" link under additional actions to send an instant notification to your colleague.

When a notification has been successfully sent to a moderator, you'll see the name fade and a checkmark appear next to their picture. The notification message will include a link to the discussion and will indicate that you have asked this teammate to respond.

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