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[Blueprint users] Start teaching a Ligonier Connect course
[Blueprint users] Start teaching a Ligonier Connect course
How to offer any Ligonier Connect course to your own members from Blueprint.
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With your Blueprint subscription, you can start teaching a Ligonier Connect course to your own members anytime.Β 

To start teaching a course from the Ligonier Connect curriculum store – or to make it available for your members to take on their own – you'll need to create a "cohort" for them to join.

Here are the steps for creating a new cohort

1. From your Home screen, select the Teach tab.

2. Select the "New Cohort" button.

3. Now select "Get from Ligonier Connect" on the drop down menu to get an existing course from the connected curriculum store.

4. After clicking on "Get from Ligonier Connect," you'll see all the courses that are available for you to teach. You can use the search and filter options to narrow down your choices or to find a specific course. When you've found one that looks interesting, click on the course cover. This will open a preview.

5. Once you've previewed the course and are ready to start, click the "Get Curriculum" button. The course will appear on your Teach tab and you'll be automatically enrolled as the teacher.

Open the Cohort to optionally edit the settings or add content. Open the Cohort Settings to edit visibility. Invite only is the default setting and makes it so only people you personally invite may join. If you select Members instead, then anyone with access to your account will be able to find this course in your Library and join all on their own.

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