With your Blueprint subscription, you can teach any of the 80+ Ligonier Connect course to your own members anytime. 

To start teaching a Ligonier Connect course – or to just make it available for your members to take on their own – you'll need add a course to your school and invite people to join. 

Here are the steps for adding a new course. 

  1. Log into your Blueprint account. From your Home screen, select the Teach tab.

  2. Select "Get curriculum from Ligonier Connect." 

  3. Select a course you want to teach and then click on "Get Curriculum," then "View in your Library."

Open the course to optionally edit the settings or add content. Open the course Settings and select Change Access to edit visibility. Invite-only is the default setting and makes it so only people you personally invite may join. If you select Members instead, then anyone with access to your account will be able to find this group in your Library and join all on their own.

As a next step, here's how to invite people to take or moderate your group with you.

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