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Community subscriptions are a way to include family, church members, and others in one affordable subscription plan.
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What is a community subscription?

With a community subscription, you can manage everyone’s access to Ligonier Connect in one place, allowing your community to focus on studying God’s Word while you save with a special rate.

A community subscription enables you to add multiple people to your Ligonier Connect subscription, whether family members, friends, students, or church members. Anyone you include has their own Ligonier Connect account and complete access to all courses and features.

What does it cost?

Community subscription pricing is affordable for communities of all sizes:

Monthly cost per person

Annual cost per person

2–9 people



10–49 people



50–124 people



125–249 people



250 or more people



How do I create a community subscription?

If you already have an active Ligonier Connect subscription, you can easily upgrade to a community subscription.

If you don't already have a subscription:

  1. Visit our Subscribe page and choose either a monthly or annual term.

  2. Select the "Yourself and others" option and enter the number of "seats" you'd like to purchase. This number represents how many people you want to include in your community subscription. You will also see the price.

  3. Give a name to your community that your members will recognize when you invite them (e.g., "Grace Church Small Group" or "Johnson Family").

  4. If you're not signed in to Ligonier Connect, select "Continue" to sign in or to create a new account. Once signed in, select "Subscribe" to go to checkout.

  5. Review your subscription details, add a promotion code (if applicable) and payment information, and select "Subscribe" to complete your purchase.

How do I upgrade my individual subscription to a community subscription?

Upgrade from an individual to a community subscription at any time by adding more seats to your subscription.

  1. While signed in, open your profile and select "Manage subscription."

  2. A new page will open. Under Billing, select "Update plan" then "Update quantity."

  3. Change the number to reflect the number of people you'd like to include in your subscription and confirm.

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