How do I invite someone to join my community subscription?

  1. Navigate to your Home page and select the "Teach" tab.

  2. Select your group under "My Group".

  3. Press the "Add members" button.

  4. Enter the email address of each person you would like to invite to join your subscription plan. Once they accept the email invite, they will be automatically added to your community subscription and have full access to Ligonier Connect.

How do I add someone to my community subscription who already has their own personal subscription?

  1. Have them cancel their existing subscription. They will retain access under their own subscription through the end of the current monthly or annual billing cycle.

  2. Invite them to join your community subscription as you normally would, using the steps above. Their access will automatically continue on your community subscription when their personal subscription reaches the end of its billing cycle.

Can I invite someone who doesn't yet have a Ligonier Connect account?

Yes, when a user accepts the invitation to join your community subscription, they will be prompted to create a Ligonier Connect account. Once created, they will gain full access to Ligonier Connect for as long as they are a part of your community subscription.

How do I remove someone from my community subscription?

You can add or remove seats, invite new members, or edit your community group name anytime under the community group settings.

  1. Navigate to your Home page and select the "Teach" tab.

  2. Select your group under "My Group".

  3. Select the ellipsis icon to the right of the member you'd like to remove, select "Remove from group," and confirm.

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