Below is a comparison of the primary differences between Ligonier Connect and Blueprint. We also suggest you familiarize yourself with Ligonier Connect's library here.


Ligonier Connect


Custom school name, logo, brand colors, and web address

Ligonier Connect’s brand and web address (


Contains Ligonier courses and your own custom courses

Contains only Ligonier courses (view here)


  • Includes tabs for Learn, Teach, and Design.

  • Includes “+” button to add a new course

  • Does not include the Design tab

  • No ability to add a new course


Ability to edit courses or enter a design mode

No ability to design or edit courses


Ability to invite members to your school

With a Community Subscription, you can invite members to Ligonier Connect. From there you can invite them to Study Groups or they can study on their own.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our staff.

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